LeftWM - A tiling window manager for Adventurers

Why go left

Left is a tiling window manager written in rust for stability and performance. The core of left is designed to do one thing and one thing well. Be a window manager. Because you probably want more than just a black screen LeftWM is built around the concept of theming. With themes you can choose between different bar / compositor / background / colors, whatever makes you happy.

LeftWM has been built from the very beginning to support multiple screens and has been built around ultrawide monitors. You will see this with the default key bindings

Installation instructions can be found on our github page

Left is Not

Left is not a compositor Left is not a lock screen. Left is not a bar there are lots of good bars out there. With themes, picking one is as simple as setting a symlink.

Built for themes

LeftWM is built around the concept of theming. We want you to make it your own. We want you to use YOUR bar and YOUR background and YOUR tools. Themes are built in whatever language you want, and use whatever tools YOU want Themes are transportable so you can share your LeftWM experience with others. Read more about theming on our github page


Single Display

LeftWM LeftWM

Dual Display

LeftWM LeftWM